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What’s on the departure board for Russian New Year holidays?

OnlineTur.ru, the Russian National Network of Travel Agencies, is reporting a rise in demand among Russian citizens for holidays abroad over the 2017/18 New Year period compared to the same period last year.
What’s on the departure board for Russian New Year holidays?
Despite the fact that flight programmes have expanded and new direct flights have launched to destinations such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Zanzibar, demand is still outstripping supply.

So where are Russian tourists planning to go?

The Russian Federal Agency for Tourism and aggregators of tourist offers and booking services have collated the latest information on Russian tourists’ bookings for the New Year holidays.

Top of the list is traditional favourite Thailand, with 16.7% of all searches on comparison site sletat.ru. Second place is the UAE with 13.3%, followed by Turkey with 7.5%. The top ten also includes Vietnam, India, the Czech Republic, domestic resorts, the Dominican Republic, China, and Sri Lanka.

Tourdom.ru’s BANKO Research Service is reporting a similar forecast after speaking to over 300 companies in Moscow and the Moscow Region. The report places Thailand, Vietnam, and the Dominican Republic in leading positions, followed by the UAE and India, which have climbed up the list since last year.

Russian citizens looking for winter sun off the beaten track can now fly to Grenada and Laos visa-free. The intergovernmental agreements will come into force with Laos on 2 December and with Grenada on 24 December 2017.

Of course, there's still plenty of time for last minute bookings to be made and with demand high, it's good news for destinations looking to attract more Russian tourists.