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First-half results of 2017: where are Russians holidaying?

TurStat Agency has released its figures for the first half of 2017, the six months from 1 January to 30 June 2017, showing which countries are the most popular among Russian tourists.
First-half results of 2017: where are Russians holidaying?
Statistics for outbound tourism in 2017 show that trips from Russia abroad have grown by almost a third for the first time in four years – an average of between 20-30% for popular destinations in Europe and Southeast Asia.

The total number of outbound tourism trips from Russia over the first six months of 2017 increased by 29% to 17.1 million. This figure was 13.3 million in the same period in 2016, and 31.7 million for the whole of 2016, according to data from the Federal Service of State Statistics (Rosstat).

The top ten countries most popular among Russian tourists in the first half of 2017 are:

·       Abkhazia (1,668,000 trips)
·       Turkey (1,632,000 trips)
·       Finland (1,540,000 trips)
·       Kazakhstan (1,275,000 trips)
·       Ukraine (999,000 trips)
·       China (947,000 trips)
·       Estonia (817,000 trips)
·       Poland (589,000 trips)
·       Thailand (576,000 trips)
·       Germany (570,000 trips)

According to TurStat, those with the highest growth are Turkey (871%), China (33%), and Thailand (31%) compared to the same period in 2016.

Outside of the top ten, beach destinations saw the most impressive growth: the Dominican Republic (223%), Cuba (117%), the UAE (49%), and Vietnam (50%).

European destinations also saw a significant increase: Italy (33%), Spain (21%), Czech Republic (56%) and France (27%), as well as countries in the CIS: Azerbaijan (22%), Georgia (29%), Armenia (37%), and Moldova (26%).

In terms of the Baltic States, the number of Russian tourists to Estonia increased (17%) and Latvia (15%), but those travelling to Lithuania decreased (-6%).