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Russian Outbound Ski Tourism in 2018: An Overview

Learn more about outbound ski tourism from Russia with our free market report.
Russian Outbound Ski Tourism in 2018: An Overview


The demand for winter sports in Russia

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi was a key moment for winter sports in Russia, driving demand and leading to new domestic ski resorts.
In the years following, the market has expanded at an accelerated pace with an increased number of domestic skiers and higher attendance at domestic ski resorts.
However, with the economy improving, leading to a 25% increase in general outbound tourism in 2017, the outbound ski market is set to flourish as Russian skiers look further afield to satisfy their taste for the mountains.

Overseas ski trips

The market is ripe for international ski resorts looking to attract more Russian visitors. The Russian outbound ski tourism market is showing sure signs of growth thanks to wider economic recovery.
The 2017/18 winter season was particularly strong for the outbound ski market, with all major Russian tour operators seeing significant sales growth.
“Popular ski resorts saw growth of 15-34%, with France, Italy, and Austria seeing the most dramatic rises in Russian tourists,” explained Maya Lomidze, Executive Director, Association of Russian Tour Operators.
Not only is demand for ski tourism on the rise, the potential for growth is huge. Of Russia’s 140 million inhabitants, only 3% currently ski, and only 17% of them travel abroad to do so.

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Russian Outbound Ski Tourism in 2018: An Overview

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Learn more about the Russian outbound ski tourism market with our free report.